Celebrate your Trustees this week


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As it is trustee week Salford CVS would like to celebrate the many trustees who selflessly serve the communities of Salford by giving back to society, making a difference in Salford week in and week out.

Trustee training

As part of this, we are holding a Roles and Responsibilities training session for trustees on Thursday 15th November at the Old Town Hall, Eccles. The course will help you to: 

  • Understand your role as a trustee
  • Understand your responsibilities to your organisation
  • Be aware of tools to use in the future and anticipate challenges that may arise
  • Understand what to expect and also what should be expected of you

At these sessions, we actively encourage trustees to network and keep in touch forming partnerships and supporting each other where practically possible.

Find out more and book your place here.

Celebrating and supporting your trustees

Encourage your trustees or anyone considering taking up the role as a trustee to know what legal duties, responsibilities and potential liabilities are involved. Salford CVS hosts a bimonthly Trustees training session which highlights the roles and responsibilities of a trustee. The sessions are free to Trustees or potential trustees serving a community group/VCSE organisation in Salford.

Previous course attendees have said: 

“Many thanks. I thought the presenter and material were excellent."

"Many thanks for the information. The course was an excellent "refresher" for me."

Recruiting trustees

Hold a coffee morning

Invite prospective trustees along with the local mayor to a coffee morning. Showcase your projects and demonstrate the impact of your work on the communities you serve.

To avoid the difficult challenges posed when recruiting new trustees, by thinking ahead and having a succession plan the board is more likely to secure the best candidates for the roles needed. A detailed examination of present board members skills, along with a quick analysis of skills (Skills Audit) and an understanding of when board members may step down, a clear picture of the board's needs can be mapped out.

Prepare an engaging and honest information/ induction pack for any potential candidates so they are clear about what will be expected of them as a new Trustee, and give them a vivid picture of the possible impact of their successful tenure on the board.

Celebrate your trustees

Hold an open day, introduce prospective trustees to project beneficiaries, volunteers, staff members and other board members invite local celebrity and local newspapers to pick up the event. Provide trustees with certificates recognising their volunteering and contribution as board members.

Tips for best practice in trustee recruitment

  • Plan for it
  • Build relationships with potential trustees
  • Horizon scan
  • Keep an open mind and welcome diversity on the board
  • Do your research in advance
  • Allow plenty of time for the process; at least 6 if not 18 months if you are looking ahead
  • Be honest in the briefing and qualification of your candidates – if you want them to do something specific (e.g. open up their address book, or chair the finance committee) tell them, but allow them to bow out gracefully if they aren’t keen
  • Ask them the difficult questions - you need to know that they will do the work you need them to do
  • Make the process itself fair and transparent and support new Trustees in joining the board team

Share your trustee story

Inspire someone today by sharing your story as a trustee, capture the difference you have made as a board member, the impact you have had on the board along with the projects you have led on in making a difference for the community. Send the stories far and wide across social media, and place them on your website.

The best people to ask about being a trustee is a trustee. You can read some inspirational stories from a wide spectrum of trustees here.

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