Changing seasons and measuring impact

GMYN activities with young people who are Care Experienced

As summer transitioned to autumn and the leaves started to drop from the trees September heralded a change on a more personal level for me.  After many years working for a large national Children’s charity I was now embarking on a new adventure as the Impact Evaluation worker for Salford CVS.

I have worked with Children and Young people for 20 years in various roles and for the last 11 years I had specialised in youth homelessness managing a number of services providing accommodation and support for 16-25 year olds in North and Central Lancashire.  For some time I had felt a growing desire to be working in Salford each day as I turned onto the M61 I felt like I was driving away from where I was meant to be.  When the role came up to work for Salford CVS I was so excited at the possibility to have found my way to make an impact where I lived.  As I researched for the interview and learnt about the strategy for the city the excitement turned into a solid resolve Salford was where I wanted to be.

I was so impressed that Salford CVS’ contract with NHS Salford CCG meant that £3 Million was going to be brought into the VCSE sector over 3 years.  The scale of opportunity was so much bigger than I had anticipated caught up as I was in the excitement of being involved in something that could make such a difference. It was only a lot later that I realised the magnitude of what I had taken on.  As the Impact Evaluation worker I was tasked with capturing the impact of the work being undertaken by those that had received grants through this fund all 300 of them!

Left to right:Buggy Movers, GYMN and amazing pumpkin at Incredible Education

From horticulture to confidence workshops, running with buggies to literacy projects, performing arts groups for people with disabilities to employability programmes for long term unemployed -these are just a few examples of what is going on in the city through this fund.  Whilst the groups all look incredibly different they all share a common goal bringing together the most marginalised in society.  Having met many of the beneficiaries it is undeniable that each of these groups is having a life changing effect within their communities and often wider.  Unfortunately there are too many projects to be covered in this blog but please check out our facebook page where we regularly post news about the groups we are working with and as we near the end of the year we will be publishing a number of Impact Reports celebrating the work that has been undertaken across the city.

Over the last few weeks I have learnt so much and encountered so many fantastic projects that the magnitude of the task in hand has become less daunting.  I have been so moved by the incredible work that is being done all over this city I am sure I have the best job in the office spreading the word of what groups are doing, championing these incredible people and the difference they are making to the people of Salford. 

Title Photo Credit GYMN

Hannah Barton

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