International Women’s Day


I’ve been around the block several times in my career and the support from women has been crucial to helping me grow my skills, knowledge and confidence.

Some of those women I’ve known well. Some women I’ve only had passing conversations with, but those short conversations have altered the direction of my life. And finally, some women who I’ve never met, yet they have had a real impact on my life through the opportunities they created in their work.

One of the most important opportunities I have had during my career was to attend the Springboard course for women - this course changed my life. At the time I was working at Salford City Council as Programme Officer, I’d finished my Open University degree and didn’t know what direction to take as my contract was coming to the end. One of my colleagues was really inspired after coming back from doing the Springboard course and recommended that if I had the opportunity to go on it grab it with both hands. So when the opportunity came up again I took it.

The Springboard course was four all day sessions run over three months and as I remember it was held at The Broadwalk Centre. We had an amazing facilitator who took us through the coursebook (which I still have to this day) and heard from some fantastic speakers. It was great to have time out of life to really explore yourself, connect with other women and listen to new ideas. Within three months of the end of the course I had left the Council to go to a new job managing a Community Radio station. If it wasn’t for the Springboard course I would not have made that leap.

Recently at the Women’s Commission meeting, I mentioned what a difference the Springboard course had made to my life. Debbie Brown, who is now the Director of Service Reform at Salford City Council, was pleased to hear this as she was the person who put this course on at the time. 

For International Women’s Day, I want to send a “Big Thank You” to Debbie for creating such a wonderful opportunity and to let her know that through her actions she made a positive difference to not only my life but the lives of other women who had the opportunity to attend.

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