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Little Hulton Big Local (LHBL) vision is “to Unite Little Hulton as a Community and to Enhance Local Peoples Wellbeing.”

Little Hulton Big Local has one million pounds to invest to achieve its vision.

We believe we have made a good start in delivering our vision and priorities and that we are now on a launch pad to achieve even more in Little Hulton.

A main message from the community was that Little Hulton has great people! 

We have spent some of our investment, total spend to 30th September 2018 was £443,587.


Plans for how we invest our million pounds are contained in our community plan. In 2017 we produced a new three-year plan, you can read it here. 

The work of Little Hulton Big Local is overseen by a partnership board that meets on the first Monday of every month. You can view the minutes from these meetings at the bottom of this page. 51% of board members must be Little Hulton residents. We always welcome new residents to join our board, if you are interested please contact us.

Our Priorities and Achievements

We have been working on our three original priorities:

  • Community Centre / Hub
  • Young People
  • Employment and Wellbeing

Plus three new priorities which were identified through the community consultation in lead up to us writing our new plan in 2017, these are:

  • Activities that support people’s mental health, happiness and wellbeing
  • The environment
  • Activities for older people/ intergenerational activities


To date our key achievements have been:

  • Continuing to develop a representative functioning Partnership Board
  • Working with partners to bring Narnia’s Christmas magic and an animated Snow Lion to Little Hulton Precinct to the delight of children and adults
  • Supporting local small businesses and craft groups through our Christmas pop up shop
  • Successfully establishing a bigger and better Community Hub at number 27- 29 Little Hulton Precinct
  • Continuing to support community groups and new small business enterprises through our grants program
  • Opening a second night of youth activities at Little Hulton Library working in partnership with Salford Community Leisure and Walk the Plank
  • Working with Sale Sharks to bring their Advantage Program for young people aged 16 plus not in education, employment or training here to Little Hulton
  • Working with residents and representatives from local community organisations to deliver the Spirit of Little Hulton Festival
  • Working with The Broughton Trust to employ nine local residents to deliver our second community research project this time around the future of Peel Park
  • Launching the Little Hulton Pound

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Community Hub Training

We have a large Community Hub at number 27-29 in the precinct, which is open Monday - Thursday each week. A variety of courses and activities are run from the Hub each week including a Thursday evening craft group, a Thursday morning games group and a Wednesday Coffee Morning.

What difference do we make?

Little Hulton Big Local Powered by Volunteers

Between October 2017 and September 2018 our Big Local volunteers were very busy and extremely generous with their time.

360 hours were given to help Youth Unity to run two youth sessions a week at Little Hulton Library and an additional 2,000 hours were given in support of a wide range of activities.

As well as helping to run the community hub on a day to day basis, our volunteers played a key part in helping us to move into our new premises and decorate and set up all rooms ready for business, we really couldn’t have done it without them.  The volunteers also played a major role in organising and running four large community events in Little Hulton at Halloween, Christmas, Easter and in the summer, as well as numerous smaller events such as Big Lunches and an afternoon tea which raised money for Breast Cancer Care.

Please come and join us – we are looking for:

  • Board Members who live in Little Hulton
  • Volunteer Youth Club Staff
  • Volunteers to help us set up a community news letter
  • Volunteers to help us with the Peel Park Project

The Little Hulton Pound

In September we launched The Little Hulton Pound as a way of showing our appreciation of the efforts made by volunteers in the area. Volunteers who join the scheme will receive a dividend of a minimum of one Little Hulton Pound for every five hours of volunteering which they will be able to spend at community businesses in Little Hulton. The first dividend will be paid out in December.

Read our full Annual report to find out more...

Find out about Little Hultong Big Local and Peel Park here...


Little Hulton Big local has always supported community events to bring the people of Little Hulton together and to create memories. We are the organisation that brought reindeer to Little Hulton precinct.


Work on large community events is now being led by a new community organisation ‘Spirit of Little Hulton’ they delivered the first Spirit of Little Hulton Festival in Peel Park in August 2018.

Young People

Through the hard work of Youth Unity, a Thursday night youth session was launched at Little Hulton Library in March 2017 to offer young people a warm, safe place to go where they can choose to take part in activities and gaming, have someone to talk to or just chill out. The youth club is now open on Thursdays and Tuesdays for younger children.

Youth Unity's mission is to bring the young people together and make them aware of activities and opportunities in our local area and encourage community spirit.

When young people belong to a youth club they gain a stronger sense of who they are as a person, they unknowingly inherit parts of their friends personalities, kind, caring, working as a team, comradery as just a few. 

Over the past 12 months our young people have demonstrated these attributes in abundance and have become a great group of young people.  

There is a good variety of what they want from the youth club, participation in sports, crafts, gaming, or a safe warm place to kick back and listen to music and this is what we deliver on a weekly basis.

Regular attendance has seen small improvements in self-concept, self-esteem and this has helped them be confident with decision making on who they hang around with, where they hang around, and it’s OK to say NO, feel that they can talk to our staff about everyday life and the challenges they face, this was very rare at the beginning and this trust has grown over the past 12 months.

There has been more engagement and participation and this has increased comradery and started the friendships of the most unlikely mix of people, all because of a game of table tennis, table football, and bottle flipping...its wonderful and very heart-warming to be a part of. 

The participation of youth unity and the increased self-awareness has helped reduced vulnerability, negative influences and has distracted some young people from the daily challenges of smoking, drinking, drugs and gangs.

We have introduced young people to new experiences and activities they may not otherwise be available to them, no matter how small they have taken skills from each of these and are starting to grow into even more amazing young people.

Discipline was always a worry at the beginning of any venture and especially from the so called "socially deprived area" where "it’s like living in the Bronx" however we have set our rules, boundaries and consequences and they are respected. Initially these boundaries were tested and young people being asked to leave was more so in the beginning, probably because they are not used to youth clubs, however our expectations of how young people should behave at club are met 99% of the time, incredible in this day and age. 

It takes time to develop young people and gain their trust, build strong relationships and gain a sense of belonging to something / somewhere and taking ownership for this and again there is evidence of this weekly, this helps them make positive changes in their behaviour and this will take them into adult life in a more positive way. 

We now have members of the public, service providers, staff commenting on how well behaved and mannered our young people are and this alone speaks volumes on how far our group has developed as at the beginning it wasn't so complimentary.


The Little Hulton Employment Discretionary Fund could help individual residents move forward into employment and training. The fund can be used to cover small, one-off costs, to help support people in starting or progressing in paid employment.

Please be aware that all our grants, with the exception of our Discretionary Grants are currently closed due to the end of our financial year.

Little Hulton Big Local Enterprise Start Up Grants Little Hulton Big Local offers small amounts of funding of up to £500 for individuals to try out their business ideas in the Little Hulton area. 

Little Hulton Big Local Enterprise Step up Grants Little Hulton Big Local offers funding of up to £5000 for individuals/organisations to grow and scale up their business.

Little Hulton Big Local also provide grants of up to £1,000 for organisations looking to run courses linked to employment in the Little Hulton area (currently closed). 

Local community groups can also apply for up to £750 through our small grants scheme to support their activities in Little Hulton.

Download an application form and find out more about our grants here.

What Next?

There are some new area of work we want to explore in the next twelve months

We want to explore developing a community newsletter

We want to host an UnLtd Learning Journey to showcase our achievements to other UnLTd/Big Local areas

One priority area will still need to explore is the needs of older people and how we can encourage more intergenerational activities

We need to explore developing a craft collective to take forward our support for craft businesses in the area

We supported a number of social business grow including Society Inc, Mice to Meet You and Women with Wings we now need to now reach a new  generation of Little Hulton businesses

We now need to start to think about what will happen after we have invested our £1 million of Big Local funding

How will we continue what we have started?

What will Little Hulton Big Local’s Legacy Be?

One of our priorities is to ensure the future of our Youth Activities.

We recently recruited a Youth Development worker to help us with this task.

We also working with Sale Sharks and Harrop Fold School other organisations to ensure we have less young people in Little Hulton not in education, employment or training.

Community Little Hulton

We have applied to the Charity Commission to establish a new local charity: Community Little Hulton.

Watch this space….

Contact Little Hulton Big Local

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