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Back in November 2020, we took part in Living Wage Week (9th to 13th November 2020) to celebrate and promote the benefits of being a Living Wage Employer. Salford CVS is proud to be one of the many employers paying the real Living Wage to its staff.

But what is the Living Wage?

As stated on the Living Wage Foundation website  

“The real living wage is based on the cost of living and is voluntarily paid by nearly 7,000 UK employers who believe hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay.”

The living wage outside of London is currently £9.50 per hour.

So what does this mean for employees?

By being paid the Living Wage of £9.50 employees can spend more time with their loved ones instead of working overtime to make ends meet. As well as that, they can save more towards an emergency and most importantly they have less worry about affording the basics in life.

And what about employers?

If you are an organisation that employs staff being accredited with the Living Wage Foundation brings you many benefits such as improved reputation for the business, increased motivation and retention rates for employees, differentiated business in the industry, and many more!

Not only does accreditation with the Living Wage Foundation help your organisation, it also helps society in many ways! These include better employee wellbeing, improved recruitment and retention of staff and higher levels of customer satisfaction.

If you pay the real Living Wage anyway, consider getting accredited with the Living Wage Foundation and join the wide community of other organisations also paying the real wage rate and benefiting society. However; if you do not yet pay the living wage to your employees, think about the difference this can make to their lives and wellbeing and also to your business potential.

Salford – Living Wage City

Salford CVS – helping grow the Living Wage Employer network

As part of Salford CVS’ commitment to Salford as Living Wage City, we offered to pay the first year’s accreditation fee of a number of local charities. Seven charities took up the offer and are now working towards accreditation.

Here’s what becoming a Living Wage Employer means to them:

“North Manchester Community Partnership promotes, supports and encourages that all are provided a wage that is high enough to maintain a normal standard of living. Money to pay for things that are necessary in    order to live such as FOOD, CLOTHES and SHELTER. These are the 3 essential needs of a human being which we should all be able to afford”


“The voluntary sector is a valuable and valued sector for employment, offering a wide range of opportunities to individuals wishing to develop skills within a caring environment.  Since being established in 1955 the Trustees and Management Committee of the Agnes Hopkins Centre  have strived to commit to this ethos and have now become a Living Wage Employer in order to provide a sustainable financial base for those  wishing to work for us.”


‘We believe that everyone deserves to be paid a wage which enables them to thrive. Lifecentre Salford is proud to have become an accredited Living Wage Employer as this demonstrates our commitment publicly to all our partners and our community.’


“Being a Living Wage Employer is further evidence of our commitment to our staff and our city.”


“Salford Credit Union are keen to become an official Living Wage Employer and to join other Salford organisations who are committed to driving down in-work poverty. As a Credit Union we see first hand the importance of paying a wage that covers the cost of living. We  want to play our part by being a responsible employer, who value all our workers.”


If you require further information on Living Wage is, how to become accredited please contact the Living Wage Foundation

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