Manchester Urban Diggers (MUD) - Community Fundraiser

Job Title: 
Community Fundraiser
Contract Type: 
16 hours (with the opportunity to increase)
£24,000 Pro Rata
Greater Manchester
Recruitment Type: 
Friday, 16 April, 2021 - 09:00

Our relationship with food is changing. The way we grow it. The way we consume it. The way we sell it. It has to, for everyone’s sake. By making places for people to grow food, Manchester Urban Diggers (MUD) are making sure that change is a positive one. It’s all about showing people that sustainability can be fun, profitable and a force for good in the community. In the two years since setting up we’ve established Platt Fields Market Garden (PFMG) as a community hub and MUD as a valued social enterprise. And, like the food we produce, we’re growing every day. Which is why we’re looking for a Fundraiser who can help our social enterprise continue to flourish.

As Fundraiser for PFMG, you’ll be a key member of the team and play a vital role in the development of our organisation by generating the funds that enable us to grow. You’ll be someone who can bring a special flair to bid writing and grant applications to maximise our chances of success. You understand why the work we do here is special and can put it into words that make us irresistible to funding bodies. And when a new funding opportunity arises, you’ll be the first to know and will always have plenty to talk about at our weekly team meetings.

Usually working remotely, you’ll initially be contracted for 12 months after a 6 month trial period. Contracted to a minimum 16 hours per week with scope to increase, you’ll have the freedom to set your own hours so you can work when you feel your time is best spent. You’ll have the support of a dynamic and driven team who are 100% committed to making PFMG the very best it can be. This is a rare opportunity to be part of something that is making a truly positive difference in Manchester communities.

Having been through the grant application process many times, we understand that fundraising is a real skill. Bid writing, Partnership applications, National Lottery grants - you’ll have the whole lot down to a fine art. You’ll be able to show us evidence of previous successes across a range of different applications and you’ll have ideas of how you’ll achieve similar success with us.

We want someone who can match our enthusiasm and drive for what we do. Who will come to weekly meetings with fresh ideas, a plan of action and an openness to input from others. Who understands the collaborative nature of grassroots organisations like ours and can fit in with the culture and feel free to communicate effectively with others in the team.

You might have worked with a similar organisation before, you might not - what’s most important is getting fully involved in what we do and having the ambition to take us up a level with everything you do. If you can do that, this opportunity could grow into something truly spectacular.

For more information on the role and to apply please follow the recruitment link.

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