#SalfordStories Activity Calendar for Children and Young People

This page has now been archived. There will be no further updates to the activities in the timetable.

However, you can still use the links to watch back and take part in the activities from some of our VCSE members or to find out more about their work.

You may also find the links below useful for fun and educational activities for young people and families:

  • Salford Local Cultural Education Partnership: One stop shop for organisations and schools working with young people in cultural sector. Visit their Padlet of activities here.

  • Healthy Holidays: This is a space for you to find all sorts of fun activities to keep your family entertained, happy and healthy over the summer school holiday weeks. Visit on Salford City Council's website.

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Captain Confidence’s Weekly Five Ways to Wellbeing

This Newsletter has daily inspiring activities to keep your mind and body healthy during the lockdown. Check out their YouTube channel: bit.ly/STARTMinds and Instagram @StartinSalfordArt

YMCA Manchester: virtual learning, self-care and daily challenges

YMCA are sharing daily challenges on their Instagram @YMCAManchester

Arts Let Loose

Weekly colour themed arts projects, new challenges every Monday. Find on Facebook and Twitter: @ArtsLetLoose

DIY Theatre

The Create + Connect project brings together lots of ideas for creative activities for children and adults with disabilitiesbit.ly/DIYTheatre

Majic Sport

Weekly home workout for parents and children. Videos on Facebook: @MajicSport


Highlight session

Check out this collaborative Creative Care Kit created by cultural and VCSE groups from across Greater Manchester.  Offering a range of activities for teenagers.


Incredible Education

Learn to grow with weekly ‘Sods to Salads’ videos. Posted on their facebook page: bit.ly/SodSalad 


Salford CVS

Weekly social connection challenge from the team: @SalfordCVS

This week we'll be sharing how to give make a video out of one piece of A4 paper.

Watch Anna explain how you can create a magazine full of activities to share with friends.


Oasis Online

Oasis Online Youth sessions for Year 7 –10 pupils. From 4.30 - 5.30pm. To join go to their Facebook page: @mediacityhub - the week's post will be available from 4pm. Comment to be added to the group.

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Previous week's highlights


Fun weekly videos helping children to learn about asthma and how to keep themselves safe: bit.ly/BreathChamps

Sow the City

Weekly simple video to help you get growing veg at home.

Find on YouTube: bit.ly/SowCity

Roar Potential

Support for families with ideas to keep primary school-aged and Special Educational Needs children active with little or no equipment.

Find on YouTube: bit.ly/RoarPotential

Laughter Games

The giggle sessions from Laughter Games are a great way to brighten up your day and put a smile on your face!

Find on YouTube: bit.ly/LaughGames

Salford Arts Theatre young performers company have been really busy creating monologues and short films on their mobiles and posting them online why don't you check them out http://www.salfordartstheatre.com/lockdown

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