Small charities are awesome!


What the past three months have shown me is that small charities are awesome! 

They have truly made a massive difference in Salford and have been literal lifesavers.

During this past few months, I’ve been privileged to talk to so many people running small charities and heard their stories about what they have done and what they want to do.  They have stepped up and made a difference enabling the communities they serve to have: enough food to eat; made sure people have vital medication; kept people connected through phone calls and other virtual means; ensured dogs were walked; educated children and adults online or sent packs to their homes; helped people escape domestic violence; kept people sane through online activities; rescued animals; kept homeless people safe and secure in accommodation; and much, much more.

One example of the work being done in Salford is from Banana Enterprises who received emergency funding to make up and deliver food parcels to the people they support. Not only did they deliver these parcels, but also brought a smile to people’s faces by dressing up.

Banana Enterprise

We have managed to capture some of these activities through our website news pages, however much of this still goes under the radar and we are happy to share these stories - so please get in touch on

This pandemic is not over yet and small charities will still be needed to do what they do, although delivered differently. You can help local small charities by:

Donating money 

Consider supporting Salford 4 Good which is distributing money raised to local groups and charities to help address the health and wellbeing needs of those who are most vulnerable in our city. Donate via JustGiving here.

Donating time

You can volunteer your time to local charities and you can do this through our Volunteer Centre, or become an Emergency Volunteer, or your employer can sign up to Skill Givers.

Donating goods

If you have goods to donate and don’t know where to go, please contact us and we can help you distribute them

Thank you!

And finally, we have to say a massive thank you to all the small charities and VCSE organisations out there who have shown initiative, innovation and the ultimate kindness to keep Salford going at this difficult time.

Salford CVS
Anne-Marie Marshall, Services Manager

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