Small Charity Week – Why donate to small charities?


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Why donate to small charities?

I’ve worked in the VCSE Sector for 20 years and have worked for both national and local charities as a fundraiser. What I’ve found is that most national charities are not shy about asking for donations for their worthy causes and often have a team of fundraisers dedicated to raising money. However, it’s important not to forget your local charities who are also doing really important work on a fraction of the amount that national charities can raise. They don’t have the teams of fundraisers and often they don’t have the time to raise money through donations as they are often multi-tasking, for example, delivering sessions, being a receptionist, doing accounts or cleaning up – so community fundraising is often at the bottom of their to-do-list.

Here are 5 reasons why you should support local charities:

  1. Your donation goes further when you support a local charity – they often are volunteer-led and have lower overheads so more of your money goes directly to supporting those in need.
  2. Your donation can keep local charities delivering vital activities within your own communities.
  3. You can see the outcomes of your donation within your local community.
  4. One day you might need the services of these local charities and it’s important to support them to make sure they are still there when you need them.
  5. When you donate money this is classed as unrestricted reserves – this means small charities can spend the money on where it’s most needed. When a charity gets a grant the money can only be spent on what they have applied for, so if there’s an emergency they can’t use that money.

Here are 5 ways you can donate to local charities:

  1. Are you running the Great Manchester Run, doing a Tough Mudder or swimming at an open water event in Salford Quays?  Why not raise money for a local charity? Did you know that it’s more expensive for a charity to buy a charity place on these events than you buying your own place? If you buy your own place then there are no fundraising targets and you raise what you can without the pressure of reaching a target – it doesn’t have to be much as every penny counts for a local charity.
  2. Do you run a business? Do you have a charity of the year? Why not choose to raise money for a local charity. It’s a great example of showing corporate social responsibility and social value, expressing your support to your customers' local community and let’s be honest it’s great PR. 
  3. Set up a monthly direct debit to your local charity.  A couple of quid adds up over the year.
  4. When you are writing your will, why not leave a legacy for a local charity.
  5. Raise money through a cake bake, bag pack, silent auction, dress down day or donate eBay profits – the list is endless.

At Salford CVS we have Salford4Good which makes it easier for people and businesses to support and give to good causes across Salford. There are over 1,513 local charities and community groups in Salford and they all do a fantastic job to help improve the quality of life and wellbeing of people in living in Salford.

If you need some support about how you can donate to local groups and charities contact us on 0161 787 7795 or email

Salford CVS
Anne-Marie Marshall, Salford CVS


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I love supporting local charities! It's actually quite surprising how how much good publicity you cna make for your business by doing so

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I actually have a local charity where my company is supporting and we are very grateful that they always let us know where the funds go without us even asking them. It's always nice to give if you're confident with the charity itself.

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