Trustee Recruitment & Board Review

Salford CVS has brought together a collection of key resources to further support trustees:

  • The Code of Good Governance
  • Trustee Induction and information pack
  • Board Review and Renewal information
  • Trustee Recruitment pack
  • Templates to support your organisation.

Trustee Recruitment

Salford CVS members are oftentimes in need of new Trustees, Salford CVS has therefore developed a Trustee Brokering Service for Members of Salford CVS. If you have any Trustee posts you would like to advertise, please complete our Trustee Recruitment form below.

Download: Trustee Recruitment Pack Template

Download: Disqualification Reasons 

Getting on Board have published free guidance for charities looking to recruit diverse, robust and effective trustee boards.

Download: How to recruit trustees for your charity

Definition of a Trustee:

The charities act of 1993 (s97) defines a charity trustee as "the person having the general control and management of the administration of a charity".

A trustee of a registered charity is often known by a variety of interchangeable names:

  • Trustee
  • Director
  • Board Member
  • Member of a management committee
  • Managing Trustee

Trustees act as a single body, to ensure the charity has a vision, aims and objectives to work towards through developing a strategy. Trustees keep an oversight on the organisation's finances ensuring the organisation is and will remain solvent. Trustees can also delegate authority for the day to day activities to the appropriate staff and volunteers and also take on all legal responsibilities for the organisation's work.

Trustees are volunteers and should not generally be paid, but ought to be reimbursed out of pocket expenses for their involvement as a trustee.

Benefits of being a Trustee

There are countless benefits of becoming a trustee and below we name just a few:

  • Contributing to a worthwhile cause you are passionate about
  • Giving back in services to your local/ or wider community
  • Learning new skills
  • A personal development opportunity
  • Management experience
  • Building networks
  • Developing relationships

Anyone interested in becoming a Trustee or developing management skills by giving back to a cause you feel passionate about, we would be happy to match your profile to one of our groups. Take a few moments to complete the Trustee Profile Form below and return it to Salford CVS.

Download: Trustee Profile Form

Good Governance

Good governance is central to all successful charities and lies at the heart of the role played by trustees. Trustees are the guardians of the mission and purpose of a charity. This demands a diverse range of skills, knowledge and experience which is voluntarily given by Trustees.

The Code of Good Governance is a series of six broad principals which underpin the governance of charity. The code gives examples of how your organisation can practically implement the principals along with a look at legal obligations and responsibilities of a trustee.

The Code of Good Governance is written by a collection of Community and Voluntary Sector organisations that have also produced a Code of Good Governance for small organisations/charities.

Download: Code of Good Governance
Download: Code of Good Governance for small organisations

Trustee Induction

A good induction experience for new trustees is integral to engaging them with an organisation and supporting them to stay on as an effective trustee. Providing a well-structured induction process and the opportunity for a new trustee to use, build and develop their skills, is cited as one of the key reasons trustees decide to remain on a board.

A good Trustee Induction will include:

1. An induction to the organisation and its people
An invitation to meet with new trustees should be planned at a convenient time for potential trustees. The opportunity should be taken to introduce the potential trustees to key trustees and staff members:

  • Chairperson
  • Chief Executive
  • Staff Members
  • Volunteers

Equally, potential trustees should be introduced to the working environment of the charity its core services and activities,  where possible to provide an all round experience of the organisation.

2. An information pack containing key documents for Trustees

  • Governing Document
  • The latest annual report & annual accounts
  • Statement of Trustee Liabilities
  • Frequency and timings of board meetings along with the board meeting schedule
  • Past minutes of board meetings (between 6 and 12 months of minutes)
  • List and short biographies of board of trustees
  • Organisational structure and senior staff biographies
  • Background/history of the organisation – current publicity and leaflets
  • Organisational strategy/operational plans
  • Relevant/applicable policy documents
  • Expense policy
  • Code of conduct
  • Conflict of interest declaration
  • Eligibility declaration
  • Volunteering policy
  • Summary of funding and projects
  • Outline of partnerships relationship with stakeholders
  • Information about Trustee Training and development

Download – Induction Programme Planner Template

Board Review and Renewal

Performance appraisal - The Board should regularly review and assess its own performance, that of individual trustees, and of sub-committees, standing groups and other bodies.
Renewal and recruitment - The Board should have a strategy for its own renewal. Recruitment of new trustees should be open, and focused on creating a diverse and effective Board.
Review - The Board should periodically carry out strategic reviews of all aspects of the organisation’s work, and use the results to inform positive change and innovation.

Download: Board Review Template


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