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Welcome our COVID-19 update for voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises in Salford.

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Home Truths report

Home Truths: Undoing racism and delivering real diversity in the charity sector

Together with Voice4Change England ACEVO is releasing Home Truths: Undoing racism and delivering real diversity in the charity sector. It is the final report in the year-long Making Diversity Count project.

Home Truths is not a report that asks if there is a problem with ‘race’ equity in the charity sector. It has long been known that there is an under-representation of BAME people working in the charity sector, and that under-representation is worse in senior leadership roles. Instead, in this report they have sought to reframe the ‘diversity’ debate, saying that racism is a significant and unresolved issue in the charity sector just as it is in the rest of society.

In making this report Voice4Change and ACEVO centred on the experiences and expertise of over 500 BAME people who either responded to the online survey or took part in in-depth interviews. Those participating in the research shared their experiences of racism in the sector and also said what they thought needed to change in order to create true culture change.

Positively, there appears to be an appetite for progress and this report is intended to provide a supportive framework for those who want real change. The report lays out steps both to further open-up the charity sector to BAME people and to re-orientate charity work towards building a racially just society.

You can also listen to a special podcast episode, in which Kristiana Wrixon – head of policy at ACEVO – talks to Dr. Sanjiv Lingayah, lead author and Voice4Change England associate, and Sufina Ahmad, director at John Ellerman Foundation and a member of the ACEVO race advisory group, about the making of the report as well as their personal impressions about the findings and recommendations.


NMN statement

Dismantling Racism in Charities and the Voluntary Sector

Leaders of national umbrella bodies for charities and social change organisations have issued a statement of commitment to dismantling racism in charities and the voluntary sector:

As leaders of national umbrella bodies for charities and social change organisations we have an essential role to play in advancing equality in our society.

The organisations we support and represent work in every aspect of our social fabric. At a time of crisis for individuals they provide the essential, often life saving, support needed, they enrich our communities and cultural life, and they campaign where change is needed. At a time of crisis for the nation they are #NeverMoreNeeded.

There is a problem of race inequality in society and our sector, and this impacts on our staff, our volunteers and the communities we are here to serve.

Far too many of the senior roles within our sector are held by white people, and there has been a real lack of opportunity for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) individuals to begin, develop and succeed in their careers in the voluntary sector whether as paid staff, volunteers or Trustees.

Too often those organisations that are led or shaped by BAME individuals and communities are not given the same access, opportunities and funding as those primarily led and shaped by white people.

Read the statement in full on the Never More Needed website.

National Voices: Five principles for the next phase of the Covid-19 response

National Voices: 5 principles for the next phase of the Covid-19 response - Nothing about us without us

The Covid-19 crisis has been incredibly challenging for all of us. Leaders have had the unenviable task of having to make difficult decisions, with life and death consequences, in an unprecedented situation and with limited data. The stakes could not be higher.

Meanwhile, all of us have had to live with the consequences of those decisions, including the loss of basic rights and freedoms. For more than 2 million people in the “extremely vulnerable” category, that has meant “shielding” through self-isolation within their households; many others considered “vulnerable” are self-isolating - seemingly indefinitely. Until now, policymakers have been operating in crisis mode, as is necessary and understandable. But as the mists start to clear, and we shift from responding to an acute crisis into ongoing management, a transparent, accountable, and consensual approach is crucial.

Nothing about us without us has never been more important, not least because, without it, trust is eroded, undermining long-term compliance with any new rules and recommendations, and in turn public health. As a point of principle and accountability, decision makers must engage with those citizens most affected by both the virus and lockdown restrictions and understand how lives are lived by those who have ‘underlying conditions.’ Read the report in full.

On behalf of Salford CVS, Alison Page has signed up to the Five Principes statement. If you would like to sign up to the statement, get in touch with National Voices.

VCSE service

Face covering guidance for people with disabilities using public transport from TfGM

The guidance from TfGM, which is being circulated across Greater Manchester, is also applicable to those who have health conditions including breathing difficulties, mental health conditions, non-visible disabilities such as autism, and visual impairment.

The guidance follows the announcement from government that made it compulsory for passengers on public transport to wear a face covering from 15 June.

TfGM's guidance states that anyone who has a justifiable reason to not wear a face covering on the grounds of health or disability, will be free to travel without wearing one. 

TfGM staff at bus stations and interchanges, and Metrolink staff on tram stops, are being briefed to give advice and support to passengers on protecting themselves and others, particularly those with additional needs.

Read in full here.

New Exhibition sharing stories of Salford enduring lockdown

New Exhibition sharing stories of Salford enduring lockdown

Days Like These is a new online exhibition that will share the stories and explore how LS Lowry’s hometown of Salford endured lockdown. Via an open call-out, The Lowry is looking for contributions of stories, artwork, films, performance, poems and photography that will give the 245,000 residents of Salford the opportunity to share their experiences of COVID-19.

The focus of LS Lowry’s work was mainly around two themes: everyday people living their everyday lives, and his own confrontation with feelings of loneliness and isolation. The last months have seen many of us share both of these experiences more than ever, the aim of this new exhibition is to help reflection and support recovery following this pandemic.

Days Like These will launch online from Wednesday, 1 July and will be shown in the art centre’s gallery whenever they are able to re-open to the public.

Take part.

Blind and partially sighted people across GM face unique Covid-19 challenges

Blind and partially sighted people across GM face unique Covid-19 challenges

One of Greater Manchester’s oldest charities, Henshaws, has supported people with sight loss through the Spanish influenza of 1918 and is now supporting its community through the current coronavirus pandemic.

The restrictions required by us all since lockdown began on 23rd March have consequences for people already facing challenges in their everyday lives through sight loss.  The charity knew that they needed to establish how their community were being affected, so they surveyed almost 1,000 blind and visually impaired people across GM and beyond in the first ten weeks of the lockdown to evidence the issues they are facing.

This report has now been published and shared with all 10 local authorities and key decision-makers across the region. 

Find out more.

#BeMoreDigital Leadership Day

#BeMoreDigital Leadership Day

Charity Digital’s #BeMoreDigital Leadership Day takes place on the 25th of June. This online event will include 10 hours of completely free, expert-led content to help charities improve their digital leadership skills.

If the last few months and the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted one thing for the charity sector, it’s the importance of digital leadership. Technology has been integral to the success that many charities have seen in moving service delivery and fundraising online - and it is charities with strong digital leadership that has made this possible. In many cases, it has been the difference between success and failure.

This digital leadership will be even more important in the coming weeks and months, as we transition into the next phase of lockdown and continue to build on the digital lessons we’ve learnt.

Take part.

What we’ve been doing in lockdown

What we’ve been doing in lockdown

Anne-Marie, our Services Manager, shares what Salford CVS has been doing to adapt our services to the current COVID-19 situation:

Read the blog in full.


#SalfordStories Activity Timetables

#SalfordStories Activity Timetables

We have created weekly timetables of activities that support the wellbeing of adults and young people in Salford. The timetables include activities from local charities, community groups and social enterprises that have been supported by the Third Sector Fund (administered by Salford CVS and funded by NHS Salford CCG).

Wellbeing Timetable

This weekly timetable includes a range of activities that can help to boost wellbeing, including arts, reading and gardening challenges. Check out the wellbeing timetable here.

Families Timetable

This weekly timetable has fun and educational activities for children and young people. Check out the family timetable here.

#SalfordStories is a campaign celebrating the great work of local charities, community groups, social enterprises and volunteers. It is a chance to highlight good news and positive stories from Salford. 

You can join in by sharing your own Salford Stories on social media and tagging @SalfordCVS and using #SalfordStories - we will help to promote your good news.

Guide for groups

Coronavirus (COVID-19): a guide for VCSE organisations

We have updated our guidance for voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises on Coronavirus (COVID-19). The guide now includes more information on the UK COVID-19 alert level and Test and Trace.

Read the latest guide here.

As many of our members are thinking of reopening their premises we have produced a factsheet on Legionella to help you with key considerations and actions you may need to talk. 

View our latest factsheets here.

SCVS Response

Changes to our services and how we will support you

Meet the Team videos

Meet the Team

Ashley features in our latest Meet the Team video. During the COVID-19 pandemic Ashley has been supporting the Volunteer Centre with volunteer verification, to help ensure a smooth transition from registering to actively volunteering. Ashley also explains how we have taken a neighbourhood approach to the volunteer response matching local volunteers to opportunities in their community.

You can find our latest 'Meet the Team' videos on our social media channels: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Or head to our website to watch them all.

Keep in touch

Call 0161 787 7795 (Mon - Fri: 9am - 4.30pm) or email

Find out about changes to our services and our response to the coronavirus emergency here.


Donate to your local foodbank or food club

There are still ways you can support your local food banks and food clubs while keeping yourself and others safe including; giving goods via donation points in your local supermarket and donating money via online fundraisers.

The main items foodbanks, food clubs, pantries and meal providers need are:

  • Food: UHT milk, cereals, pasta, rice, canned items (baked beans, soup, vegetables, fruit, meat and fish)
  • Essentials: Nappies, bars of soap, household cleaning products, anti-bacterial wipes, toilet rolls, hand sanitiser, hand wash.

Find out more.

Can your organisation help?

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and response affecting our communities, we need local businesses and organisations to step forward and help Salford.

  • Can you donate goods in bulk?
  • Do have staff or volunteers with specialist skills?
  • Can you offer a venue or storage place?

Join in the Spirit of Salford and tell us how you can help - please complete this form.


Donate to the Salford 4 Good - Emergency Response Fund (COVID 19)

We're providing a trusted route for people to donate to Salford's emergency response to the coronavirus crisis. We'll be channelling funds throughout our sector directly to those most in need. Supported by Salford City Council and NHS Salford CCG.

Donate here.


Give your time

With many older and more vulnerable people in our community self-isolating due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, lots of people have been stepping forward wanting to help, demonstrating the Spirit of Salford.

We’ve put together some tips of the best ways you can offer your support while following the guidance to stay alert and stay home where possible including our Hero from Home micro-volunteering opportunity.

Find out more.


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