What is 10GM?

10GM supports the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in Greater Manchester. We aim to improve the effectiveness and impact of the sector in reducing inequality and improving the lives of people who live, work and study in Greater Manchester.

10GM is a joint venture by local VCSE sector infrastructure organisations in Greater Manchester: Bolton CVS, Salford CVS, Macc and Action Together. These local organisations provide a range of support including; organisational and group development; run accredited Volunteer Centres; facilitate locality and thematic networks, action groups and provide strategic representation across a wide range of Partnerships. We work strategically strengthen support for the VCSE sector at borough level and ensure connectivity and engagement across the whole of Greater Manchester.  We represent a combined membership of thousands of local voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations working in communities and neighbourhoods all across the city-region. 

What is the purpose of 10GM?

The purpose of 10GM is to bring members together to improve:

Impact – increase the effectiveness of the VCSE sector in tackling and reducing inequality across the communities of Greater Manchester.

Quality - Equipping people and organisations within the VCSE sector to demonstrate and increase their impact on the lives of people who live, work and study in Greater Manchester.

Influence - support a strong independent voice for the VCSE sector which can shape key areas of policy and decision making.

Reach - enhance communication and collaboration within the VCSE sector and with public, private and academic sector partners.

Efficiency – increase the effectiveness, sustainability and ingenuity of support to the VCSE sector in all boroughs of Greater Manchester.

The above goals will be accomplished by undertaking the following activities including:

  • Providing a joint access point to the VCSE sector within Greater Manchester
  • Volunteering
  • Social Enterprise Support
  • Social Innovation
  • Social Value
  • Development and Delivery of Saleable Services and Products

How can I find out more?

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Salford CVS & Volunteer Centre
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The Old Town Hall 
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Salford, M30 0FN

Tel: 0161 787 7795 
Email: office@salfordcvs.co.uk


Salford CVS is the city-wide infrastructure organisation for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector; providing specialist information, advice, development support and opportunities for influence and collaboration.

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