We have made every attempt to ensure you get the most out of this website. You can alter the contrast the colours of the website by clicking the 'contrast' tab at the top of the homepage (and found under all subpage headers).

To change the size of the font on the page click '+A' or '-A' until the font is an appropriate size. You can return to the original font size by selecting 'A'.

Our website also has a built in translation tool, select your language of choice and this will translate each word on the page via Google translate. To return to English select the top entry which is in bold.

You may also find you can improve your browsing experience by altering particular browser settings. Below, we show how to change the settings for common web-browsers. When in doubt, check your browsers built-in documentation.

Internet Explorer (IE)

Change colour and font settings in IE

From the Tools menu, choose Internet Options Select the Accessibility... button (bottom right).

By checking the desired checkboxes, you can force the browser to ignore the colours, font styles and font sizes.

Disable images in IE

From the Tools menu, choose Internet Options Select the Advanced tab (top right).

Scroll down to the Multimedia section.

Untick the checkbox labelled show pictures.

Mozilla Firefox

Change font sizes in Firefox

From the View menu, choose the Text Size option.

Change colour and font settings in Firefox


With Firefox in focus, select the Firefox menu, followed by Preferences

On other platforms:

From the Tools menu, choose Options Select the Content tab

To select fonts:

Within the Fonts and Colours section, select the default font and size from the drop-down menus. Clicking the Advanced... will display a new dialogue. To enforce your previous font selection, untick the checkbox. Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of my selections above

To select colours:

Within the Fonts and Colours section, click the Colours... button. The dialogue that appears allows you to select a colour palette that best suits you. To enforce your colour selection, untick the checkbox 'Allow pages to choose their own colours, instead of my selections above'

Disable images in Firefox On OSX:

With Firefox in focus, select the Firefox menu, followed by Preferences

On other platforms:

From the Tools menu, choose Options.

Select the Content tab.

Untick the checkbox labelled load images automatically

Further help:

If your browser isn't covered here, or you would like more in-depth information, visit My Web My Way, an online guide that explains the various accessibility features provided by your web browser.

Features of the site

Descriptive link text

When the author of a site uses descriptive link text, all links on the page will make sense even when read out of context. For users of assistive technology (e.g. screen-readers) this can allow them to quickly jump through pages of text to find relevant links.

Meaningful ALT attribute on images

Most images on this site contain additional 'alternate' text that is stored with the image. This allows users who otherwise wouldn't be able to see the image access to the stored information. Although this can help users of assistive technology (e.g. Screen-readers), this also applies to visitors who disable images because of a slow internet connection. Any image that is considered purely decorative will have a blank alternate text (e.g. alt=""). This reduces the amount of unnecessary content on the page.

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Salford CVS is the city-wide infrastructure organisation for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector; providing specialist information, advice, development support and opportunities for influence and collaboration.

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