#SalfordStories Activity Timetables

We have created weekly timetables of activities that support the wellbeing of adults and young people in Salford.

The timetables include activities from local charities, community groups and social enterprises that have been supported by the Third Sector Fund (administered by Salford CVS and funded by NHS Salford CCG).

Wellbeing timetable

Volunteering Questionnaire

Welcome to the Salford CVS & Volunteer Centre questionnaire and thank you for taking the time to provide some feedback.  Please record only those emergency response COVID19 roles that were promoted through Salford CVS and tick all that apply.

1 Start 2 Complete
Tick all that apply. Please note that these were opportunities that were only promoted through Salford CVS

CV-19 Food Responce Survey

What information do we need?

  • A set of questions have been prepared (below) which whilst comprehensive, don’t necessarily aid a flowing conversation.
  • Hence please see these questions as prompts for you to read in advance and use as an end-of-call check to ensure you’ve got the information needed.
  • Capturing clear information in the webform is essential.


Conversation Suggestion

Before you start

1 Start 2 Complete
First name of Salford CVS staff member undertaking phone call
Name of Organisation being contacted
Person spoken to
How is your organisation coping during the Covid-19 response / recovery?
Buying food from supermarkets / other shops / cash and carry *
Obtaining food from FareshareGM *
Obtaining food from other sources *
Distributing food from central point(s) *
Delivery of food to households (food parcels) *
Cooking of hot food for immediate consumption (catering) *
Cooking and chilling of food for collection and/or delivery *
Other food response *
What type of food response activity has your organisation undertaken during lockdown?
Further detail on food response activity
What food-related actvities did you typically deliver before Covid-19 lockdown?
What plans do you have for food related activities in the next 3-6 months?
Who have you been supporting with your food response (communities of identify / older people / carers / disabled people etc.)?
Have you referred people to the Spirit of Salford helpline? Y/N 0800 952 1000 www.salford.gov.uk/spiritofsalford If Yes, do you have any feedback on this?
Where in Salford do the people you have been supporting live? (wards if possible)
How many households (or individuals) per week have you been supporting with your food response? (If households, approx. how many people does that total?)
How much is your current food response costing per week (purchase / cooking / chilling / packaging / delivery / volunteers’ expenses / PPE, etc.)?
What other money have you bid for / been awarded to support your food response?
What feedback have you had from the people you’re assisting?
If you were to continue your response activities what would you do differently?
Are you in need of funding now to continue or expand what you’re doing?
Do you have any need for volunteers to support your work? If Yes, what for, when, where etc.?
If applicable, how have you been supporting children and young people?
Any other comments?

#SalfordStories - Volunteer case studies

1 Start 2 Complete
i.e. work, hobbies, activities etc.
Not their full address, just which part of Salford or Greater Manchester
What is a typical day like? Any days stand out as being particularly challenging or rewarding?
Do you have any quotes or feedback from the people you are supporting?

Volunteer Driver Registration

As an organisation, we have a duty of care to ensure that all our driving volunteers are licensed and have appropriate insurance and / or vehicle (with appropriate MOT status). The information provided below will enable us to check this through the relevant government (gov.uk) portal.

1 Start 2 Complete
To enable us to check your driving license
Your car make is the company that manufactured your car e.g. Ford, Nissan, Honda.
Car model refers to the name of a car product.
Your driving license check code will enable us to check your driving license. Details of how to get the check code below:

To get your check code go to www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence

You’ll need:

  • your driving licence number
  • your National Insurance number
  • the postcode on your driving licence

The check code will be valid for 21 days.

Car Insurance Declaration

Grant recipient survey

1 Start 2 Complete

More than one project?

If you are currently funded by Salford CVS for more than one project please complete this form for each project separately.

Key contact for grant

Project has been completed

Business as usual

If this changes contact us

If this changes please contact Hannah Barton on hannah.barton@salfordcvs.co.uk

Project suspended 

If anything changes - contact us

Please contact Hannah Barton on hannah.barton@salfordcvs.co.uk should the project resume or if you decide to cancel it.

We need to make changes

We'll be in touch.

We wil contact you to notify you whether your variation request has been approved.

Please do not start any new project activity until you recieve this approval.

Please bear in mind that we are experiencing a high demand on our service at the moment.

Can your business or organisation support Salford?

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and response affecting our communities, many businesses and organisations are stepping forward wanting to help, demonstrating the Spirit of Salford.

So that we can direct the support being offered to where the help is needed, please complete the form below:

1 Start 2 Complete

Emergency Response Volunteer Registration Form

The emergency response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a partnership between Salford CVS, voluntary organisations within Salford, Salford Council and the NHS.

One of the things you can do if you wish to help in the Salford emergency response to Coronavirus is to give your time and volunteer.

1 Start 2 Availability 3 Skills 4 Complete
To register to as an Emergency Response Volunteer we need you to provide a named person who can give a character reference for you. You may wish to gather their information before you begin to fill out this form.

If you are unable to provide a character reference you may still be able to volunteer in certain roles.

Please email volunteer@salfordcvs.co.uk.


Your details
By giving your mobile number you give us permission for us to contact you via text in relation to your volunteering with us.
If applicable, please provide details of where you work - the name of your employer AND where you are based e.g. Morrisons in Eccles, Salford City Council - Swinton Civic Centre etc.
If applicable

High-Intensity Users Survey

Are you a VCSE organisation/group delivering work in; Ordsall, Langworthy, Claremont or Weaste & Seedley? 

The Care Act 2014 in England emphasised the need to work alongside individuals, families, carers and communities to help people stay strong and to build more welcoming, inclusive supportive communities, instead of relying on services. (People, Places, Possibilities 2015).

Service user information

If so, please provide details

contact us

sign up

Join us

Get In Touch

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Salford CVS is the city-wide infrastructure organisation for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector; providing specialist information, advice, development support and opportunities for influence and collaboration.

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