Safeguarding Children and Young people


The voluntary and community sector has an important role to play in supporting and safeguarding of children and Young People . In Salford there is a large and very diverse range of community and voluntary organisations, from small, local groups to larger national organisations, and every organisation has a part to play when it comes to safeguarding children.

Worried about a child?

If you are worried about the welfare or safety of a child it is very important that you contact the Bridge Parteneship straight away.

Referrals to the Bridge Partnership

There have been improvements to the referral process to The Bridge Partnership - it’s now easier and quicker for you to report concerns about the welfare or safety of a child or young person.

You can now simply fill out this Bridge Partnership online form or call 0161 603 4500 (from 8.30am to 4.30pm).

If a child is in immediate danger of being harmed, or if a child is home alone, the police should be called on 999.

Salford CVS Child Protection and Safeguarding Awareness training

Salford CVS delivers Basic Safeguarding Awareness training approximately five times a year. Check our training programme for details of the next course..

If a course is currently open for bookings, you can register online. Alternatively email or call 0161 787 7795 for more information or to register your interest.

Salford Safeguarding Children Board also runs safeguarding courses and seminars throughout the year.

Support with Policy and Practice

Salford CVS has developed a model Child Protection policy for voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises. This policy has been endorsed by the Salford Safeguarding Children Board. This is a model policy or template it must be amended to meet the requirements of an individual organisation and to ensure that it is consistent with current Salford Safeguarding Children Board Policies.

You can also access a comprehensive set of Multi Agency Safeguarding Procedures that cover the Greater Manchester on the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Procedures Site.

Safe Recruitment

Safe recruitment is an important element of safeguarding and child protection. Salford CVS can support groups to develop safe recruitment processes.

Salford CVS can process DBS checks (formerly CRB checks) for your organisation.

Find out more about DBS checks and how to book an appointment with us.

Allegations and concerns about a member of staff or volunteer

Community and voluntary sector organisations should contact the Local Authority Designated Officer, when they have information that suggests an adult who works or volunteers with children may have harmed a child.

Currently the Local Authority Designated Officers (LADO) receive very few referrals from the community and voluntary sector. This may be because there are fewer allegations regarding staff and volunteers within our sector or that as a sector we are under reporting.

In addition to discussing a concern with an appropriate manager or designated officer in your own organisation, you should contact the LADO in regard to any allegation concerning a member of staff or a volunteer that suggests they:

  • Behaved in a way that has harmed or may have harmed a child
  • Possibly committed a criminal offence against children
  • Behaved in a way that indicates they are unsuitable to work with children.

The LADO should be consulted within one working day of any allegation that meets the criteria above. Contact number for the LADO is 0161 603 4350.

Salford Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) Safeguarding Standards for the Voluntary & Community Sector

Salford CVS in partnership with other members of the SSCB have developed Salford’s Safeguarding Standards for the Voluntary & Community Sector.

The Safeguarding Standards have been endorsed by the Salford Safeguarding Children Board, Salford CVS, and VOCAL (The Voluntary and Community Sector Forum to Salford Children & Young People’s Partnership).

The 20 standards cover the following:

  • Accountability and Information Sharing
  • Organisations’ policies and procedures
  • Reporting concerns, suspicions and allegations
  • Safe recruitment and selection
  • Management and support of paid staff and volunteers
  • Providing safer activities and trips

Any organisation can complete a self-assesment against the Standards and implement them with in their organisation.

Organisations commissioned by Salford City Council to provide services for children will be asked to complete a self-asseseement and will be audited against the Standards. Through this audit they will be asked to demonstrate how they, as an organisation, meet the Safeguarding Standards.

Organisations funded via the NHS Salford CCG Little Pot of Health are also required to complete self-assesments against the Standards as an opportunity to reflect and improve on their safeguarding practice.

You can download the Standards, Guidance and templates from the bottom of this page.

To book an appointment with a development worker to support your organisation to complete a self-assesment or to implement the Standards please contact us.

Early Help

Early Help is intervening early and as soon as possible to tackle problems emerging for children, young people and their families or with a population most at risk of developing problems. Effective intervention may occur at any point in a child or young person's life.


Salford Children’s Services Joint Working Protocal with Voluntary Groups, Community Organisations and Social Enterprises

The aim of this protocol is to enhance partnership working between voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations (VCSE’s) and Salford City Council children’s services. This protocol is intended to assist all partners in the delivery of Salford’s Early Help Strategy and to ensure clear expectations on key safeguarding processes. The protocol particularly recognises the need to work effectively together in the context of reduced resources so that Salford families continue to benefit from a range of appropriate services and activities in the city.

Emotional Health for Children and Young People

Children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing is everyone's business. Emotional health and wellbeing can be supported through:

  • Good parenting
  • Quality experiences in school
  • Leisure and social engagement

Visit the Partners in Salford website to find out more.


Salford Safeguarding Standards - Updated December 2016

Salford Safeguarding Standards Guidance Notes - Updated December 2016

Evidence Record template

Action Plan template

Salford Childrens Services Joint Working Protocol with VCSE Sector

Child Safeguarding Policy template

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