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SCB 101 Positive Moves £4,970.00 The project we are seeking funding is our Thursday night special needs and sibling group, Positive Stars.We promote and support the personal development of over 25 young people and their siblings by offering activities and trips out. We plan to increase the number of young people attending by 10 per week. 6 of whom will have special needs and 4 non disabled siblings.
SCB 102 Sport Works Cheshire CIC £4,436.00 2 hours per week of sports, activity and swimming for young people in Salford with a disability or additional need.
SCB 103 Adventures Await £5,000.00 We are currently working with our Rock Over Climbing to increase the participation of people with disabilities in the work they do; this includes climbing and bushcraft activity. We propose to provide an additional 4 spaces every day, for 8 weeks of activity for Salford children with disabilities. This will take place over the Easter, Summer and October school holidays. With this, the 4 additional Salford children we will provide a dedicated Instructor to work with them specifically to help them overcome any accessibility issues for the activity. This is in additional to the normal Rock Over Climbing Instructors involved in the activity. The activity is normally attended by Primary School aged children, with an upper age being usually 13 years. 
SCB 104 Aspire & Angels Youth Club £4,533.00 The Project is a partnership between Aspire in Salford and Michelle Mahoney from Salford Family Forum to test the concept of developing a Youth Club focussed on children with PMLD. In which the young people will have an afternoons enjoyable activities with their peers in a Waterside facilities. The vehicle is a Youth Club rather than simply a provision by Aspire to allow for change and development led by the Families involved over time. It is believed that this approach will assist the sustainability of the project after this bid and enable the Club to seek further developments. Beyond the proposed initial provision of a 4-hour session fortnightly at Waterside.
SCB 105 Lifecentre Salford £378.00 Lifecentre delivers a project during school holidays for Primary School children experiencing poverty, called Make Lunch. Make Lunch has three aims, combat holiday hunger, provide purposeful fun activities promoting play and stimulation and to create social capital. We would like to open this provision more widely to children with disabilities.To improve the accessibility of the project we would employ a sessional worker with experience working with children with disabilities.
SCB 106 Club Tikva £4,270.00 We would like to extend the scale of Club Tikva by 20% in order to accommodate the increase in demand for our services.
Club Tikva runs an after school club for children who suffer from communication and social difficulties. They generally struggle at school  [attendance may be sporadic] and at home, and often display challenging behaviour. Many suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder and/ ADHD/ADD and  have Learning Disabilities. Some have been diagnosed, others not. There are children who suffer from sensory impairment.
SCB 107 Broughton Boxing £4,700.00 We recently delivered a project creating two new classes tailored to young adults and children with learning disabilities. These classes enabled us to teach the basics of boxing but also be flexible enough to be modified to suit each child's need. The smaller class numbers (10 people per class) and the smaller student to trainer ratio meant we could not only make sure that a student was performing a task in the safe way but also allows us that crucial time to make sure they understood why they were performing the task and enjoy it.  Through the successful delivery of the project we worked with 47 Children/ Young Adults.

We would now like to use the experience gained from the project to develop the club, and its volunteers further. We intend to use the funding to deliver after school gym based well-being sessions throughout the week tailored to children with learning disabilities

SCB 109 Leonard Cheshire Disability £5,000.00 Our Can Do project is a unique community-based volunteering project enabling young disabled people (YDP) aged 10-25 to engage with new experiences. This fund will enable us to pilot Can Do for YDP under 16 providing early intervention and support in developing skills to maximise future opportunities. Can Do aims to break down the barriers that YDP face to volunteer providing a platform to explore personal interests, social development, training and life-skills, whilst enabling them to participate and engage with in Salford' s local community
SCB 112 Salford Action for Autism £4,992.50 Salford Action for Autism and Wheels for All have been piloting an Autism Sports Club, delivering weekly inclusive cycling and sports sessions for families and children with Autism. We would like the money to be able to continue this project beyond the coming end date.

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