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About the Forum

VOCAL Leaders brings together leaders of VCSE organisations working within the City of Salford.


Objectives of the Forum

  • To provide leadership for VOCAL thematic forums, in particular to lead on the VCSE Strategy and VCSE Manifesto
  • To provide Salford representation on the GM VCSE Leadership Group and feedback key issues to VOCAL Leaders
  • To provide representation on local strategic partnerships within the city
  • To support VOCAL thematic forums with selection of representatives, by participating in the voting for new representatives


Where VOCAL Leaders Forum is championing the involvement of the VCSE Sector

  Strategic Partnership


  Social Value Alliance

  Social Value & 10% Better Campaign

  Real Living Wage


  Greater Manchester VCSE Leadership Group

 The GM VCSE Leadership Group was set up as a coalition of   the willing seeking to promote the role and involvement of the  VCSE sector and communities in Greater Manchester devolution

  Greater Manchester Health & Social Care         Partnership

  Improving Health & Wellbeing

  Transformation (GM Devolution)

  Salford Strategic Housing Partnership

  Links with the City Mayor Housing priority



  Salford Tackling Poverty Strategy Group

  Links with the City Mayor Tackling poverty and inequality   priority 

 Significant levels of poverty continue to exist in many parts of   Salford. Taking action to make things better for the many  households struggling to make ends meet. Looking to prevent  people from falling into poverty in the first place, building on  what we know is already working, as well as developing new  ways of doing things.

  Inclusive Economy Strategy Group



Read the Salford VCSE Strategy Executive Summary and Full Strategy here


Forum Meetings

The VOCAL Leaders Forum meetings four times per year.



Membership is open to leaders of VCSE organisations operating within the city of Salford.



Michelle Warburton (Voice & Influence Manager)
Telephone: 0161 787 7795 ext 220
Email: michelle.warburton@salfordcvs.co.uk



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Salford CVS is the city-wide infrastructure organisation for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector; providing specialist information, advice, development support and opportunities for influence and collaboration.

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