Ocean's Volunteering Story

Ocean preparing some food

Ocean visited the Volunteer Centre for a pre-booked appointment in November. She is a local university student who is very keen to give back to the community in the way that she has seen her family do whilst she was growing up. Ocean is enthusiastic, personable, and wants to do something positive with her time.

Finding a volunteering role that fits

We talked through what she was interested in and what roles would fit in with her work and university schedules. Here’s what Ocean had to say:

Grace at the volunteer centre has been incredibly helpful in helping me find volunteering that fits around my university schedule. 

CVS has given me the opportunity to become part of the Salford community that welcomed me in September. I currently volunteer at the "Armed Forces & Veterans Breakfast Club" which involves a busy morning of serving teas and coffees and a tasty breakfast. I have really enjoyed talking to the veterans and their families about their experiences and they don't hesitate to give me insightful advice, which has really helped my confidence in travelling around Manchester and meeting new people. The Mayor of Salford made a visit to the club to celebrate their 7th anniversary, which united the regular members and some new faces. Some mornings are busier than others but the other volunteers and leaders of the club are so encouraging and supportive which makes me very excited to come in. 

Balancing student life and volunteering

We asked Ocean how she managed to balance her volunteering obligations around a busy student schedule; whether she felt that the experience had improved her time at university, and if she would recommend volunteering to other students looking for a way to give back to the local community:

I found it really easy to balance volunteering with my studies. The organisation is very understanding of your commitments to your studies and are very flexible. I feel it actually helped by giving me a break in a different environment away from the sometimes chaotic workloads.  Being new to Salford, I had found it really confusing to travel but volunteering has given me the confidence to meet new people and explore the area. The stories of the people I have met may even inspire future projects within my creative subject at University. I would encourage students to volunteer, especially if you are new to the area, to meet and help the community that is part of your home for the next few years. Whether you're into business, arts and crafts… It doesn't matter, there are endless opportunities to discover the skills you already have and learn new ones that can help you through your studies and career.

Inspired to volunteer?

If you are inspired by Ocean’s story, and are looking for an opportunity to volunteer in your local community, visit our Volunteer Portal here.

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Ocean, a Salford CVS volunteer

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