Salford Volunteer Charter

This Charter has been developed by volunteers from the city of Salford with input from local volunteer-involving organisations. The Charter sets out the commitment of organisations in Salford to acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of volunteers. By signing up to the Charter organisations are sending out a clear statement that people volunteering in Salford do so within a positive and supportive environment.

Definition of Volunteering

This Charter is based on the following definition of volunteering:

“any activity which involves spending time, unpaid, doing something which aims to benefit someone (individuals or groups) other than or in addition to close relatives, or to benefit the environment.”

Salford Charter Volunteering Principles

This Charter recognises the following basic principles:

  • Volunteering is mutually beneficial
  • Volunteering is independently chosen and freely given
  • Volunteering is enabling and flexible wherever possible
  • Volunteering is of community or social benefit
  • Volunteering is offered to not-for-profit activities
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Volunteer Rights

This Charter maintains that volunteers have the following rights:

  • Volunteering is open and inclusive to all and every effort should be made by organisations to understand volunteers’ needs and try to offer an appropriate opportunity
  • Recruitment procedures should be fair, efficient and consistent
  • Volunteers have a clear understanding of their tasks and responsibilities
    Volunteers have access to initial and ongoing training and development opportunities
  • Volunteers have support from a named supervisor throughout their volunteering
  • Volunteers are provided with ongoing support and supervision appropriate to need
  • Volunteers are aware of how to raise a concern and how it will be handled
  • Volunteers should not be put under any moral pressure to do work that is against their principles, or for which they are not adequately trained
  • Volunteers should be given the same protection under health and safety regulations and relevant insurance policies as paid staff
  • Volunteers should not be used to replace paid staff
  • Travel and other out of pocket expenses are reimbursed wherever possible
  • Volunteers have influence in their organisation and are informed about organisational issues
  • Volunteers are treated fairly and should not be discriminated against
    Volunteers contribution is appreciated, valued and recognised
  • Volunteering should be a rewarding and fulfilling experience

Volunteer Responsibilities

This Charter maintains that volunteers have the following responsibilities:

  • To speak up if they feel their rights aren’t being respected
  • To treat information obtained whilst volunteering in a respectful, confidential manner
  • To be reliable, carrying out their agreed role and attending on time and to give proper notice of change of circumstances
  • To be sensitive to users wants and needs
  • To inform their named supervisor of any serious incidents or potential dangers
  • To ask questions if they are unsure
  • To recognise that they represent the organisation and therefore to act in an appropriate manner at all times
  • To attend regular relevant training and support sessions
  • To support other volunteers and staff in their organisation
  • To accept the organisation’s aims and objectives
  • To keep activities safe and in-line with policies on legislation
  • Seek to be enthusiastic, positive & committed

salford volunteer charter

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