Salford CVS works to support the voice and influence of Salford Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise organisations (VCSEs) in the city and beyond. We do this by facilitating VOCAL thematic forums which bring together voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises in Salford to develop strategic priorities and collaborative working in the thematic following areas:


What is VOCAL

VOCAL is the Voice & Influence model of the Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise Sector (VCSE) in the City of Salford. 


The purpose of VOCAL is to:

  • bring VCSE organisations in Salford together to ensure that their role in improving the lives of residents in the City is recognised, valued and supported by public sector partners.
  • enable the VCSE sector to have a strong voice and influence decision makers through representatives with a mandate to speak on behalf of the sector on various strategic partnerships within the City.
  • develop VCSE strategic priorities and collaborative working


VOCAL Vision

The Vision of VOCAL is a city where voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises are at the heart of creating a better and fairer Salford.



  • To improve the lives of children, young people and families
  • To improve community safety and cohesion
  • To create a cleaner and greener city
  • To reduce poverty and inequalities
  • To enable a robust, engaged and influential VCSE Sector
  • To improve wellbeing, health and care


VOCAL Values and Behaviours



  Everyone is Respected

  • We will treat each other, and our partners in a respectful manner
  • We will respect different organisational cultures, practices, priorities and constraints
  • We will respect and value our diversity

  Everyone is Heard

  • We will listen to, value and respect the views and opinions of others, even if they differ from our own

  Everyone is Equal

  • We will treat everyone with equity, irrespective of size, power, influence or diversity

  Everyone is Valued

  • We will build on our collective strengths, assets and capacity, ensuring everyone’s contribution is valued

  Everyone is Responsible

  • We will work in a mutually supportive way, with trust and co-operation
  • We will take responsibility for our own actions and those of others




Michelle Warburton (Voice & Influence Manager)
Telephone: 0161 787 7795 ext 220
Email: michelle.warburton@salfordcvs.co.uk

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Salford CVS is the city-wide infrastructure organisation for the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector; providing specialist information, advice, development support and opportunities for influence and collaboration.

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